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Rapid Round of Hangman answers (version 1)

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1.This is one of the world’s most recognizable structures. Can you save Hangman and choose the correct letters?

  • FF
  • FO
  • FI
  • SS

2. Oh no! Can you save Hangman? Some people claim to have none of this when it comes to dancing.

  • E
  • A
  • I
  • Y

3. Hopefully Hangman won’t end up here, a final resting place for many.

  • O
  • U
  • E
  • I

4. This creature is the largest reptile in North America.

  • U
  • E
  • I
  • Y

5. Save Hangman by completing this word, meaning a deep, immeasurable space!

  • E
  • I
  • O
  • Y

6. This word comes from two French words, couvrir, which means “to cover” and chef, which means “head.”

  • D
  • K
  • S
  • G

7. Save Hangman by figuring out what these words are!

  • A popular tourist attraction
  • A song
  • An item of food
  • A character from a book or movie

8. Can you save Hangman by figuring out this word?

  • A, A
  • A, E
  • U, A
  • U, E

9. William Shakespeare was perhaps the most famous one of these!


10. If you have one of these, you can legally operate a motorized vehicle.

  • S, S
  • C, S
  • C, D
  • S, C

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