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Fill Up These Blank Spaces In Sentences Quiz answers

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It needs one to be well-informed, alert and receptive to knowledge to lend a sentence some meaning and this is where this quiz where you have to fill up gaps or blank spaces comes in. This is one set of questions which one can easily succeed and complete. So, give it a try!

1.Sam is too ________ to be deceived easily.

  • modern
  • strong
  • weak
  • cunning

2. A horse rider has to adjust the saddle and ________ before riding.

  • mains
  • rains
  • reins
  • reigns

3. Please write to me ………. this address.

  • to
  • at
  • in
  • upon

4. She ______ a brief appearance at the end of the function.

  • put across
  • put up
  • put on
  • put in

5. A special program to raise the standards of living of a poor village has been ________ by the Government.

  • affixed
  • altered
  • proposed
  • prepared

6. Since Sam’s father never approved of _________ Henry, the couple eloped to Paris where they lived happily after.

  • her to marry
  • she to marry
  • she marrying
  • her marrying

7. She’s not very good ______ repairing things.

  • in
  • at
  • of
  • for

8. The economic __________ has affected our sales tremendously.

  • touchdown
  • showdown
  • slowdown
  • crackdown

9. The ________ study on transporting of shale oil from Texas through pipeline would be completed shortly.

  • natural
  • historic
  • feasibility
  • scientific

10. Sue was not ………. by the criticism and paid no ……… even when her best friend ridiculed her.

  • troubled, mind
  • bothered, attention
  • deterred, heed
  • threatened, warning

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