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The Roblox Quiz answers

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It’s either the most popular thing you’ve never heard of, or you’re already totally hooked: Roblox sparks the imagination of countless gamers from all around the globe. The buzzing platform allows users to generate their own games, build entire worlds and, if they’re so inclined, make a buck along the way. How well do you know the basics? Put your knowledge to the test and find out if you have what it takes to become a Roblox master. Are you ready to play?

1.You probably know that “Roblox” is a portmanteau of “Robot” and “Blocks”. But what was the initial name of the game?

  • Sandbox
  • Dynablocks
  • Robotic Brix
  • Bots’n’blocks

2. What is the programming language of Roblox called?

  • Lua
  • Logo
  • HAL9000

3. What’s the universal currency on Roblox?

  • Robux
  • Quatloos
  • Blockbucks
  • Tictacs

4. Where are players resurrected if they have met their demise in a game?

  • Unimatrix Zero
  • Resurrection Hub
  • Nether Portal
  • SpawnLocation

5. What do you call the semi-transparent box with an attached bar that dispenses tools?

  • Donor
  • Replicator
  • Giver
  • Dispenser

6. What is the title of the official series of tutorial videos Roblox published on YouTube?

  • Robloxford
  • Roblox University
  • The Roblox Institute
  • Tutoriblox

7. Before 2015, each new Roblox user automatically had one friend. What was his name?

  • Blockman
  • Builderman
  • Bloxbob
  • Builderbloke

8. Which of these names is not associated with Roblox?

  • Hans Gunawan
  • Christina Wottoon
  • Grace Francisco
  • Enrico D’Angelo

9. In Roblox programming, what constraint are welds subject to?

  • weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C0 = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C1
  • weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C0 = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C2
  • weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C1 = weld.Part2.CFrame * weld.C3
  • weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C(x, y, z) = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C(-x, -y, -z)

10. Which patent number is NOT held by Roblox?

  • 8392283
  • 8947448
  • 7874921
  • 8292744

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