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Body Language Around the World Quiz answers

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How much do you know about Body Language? And how much attention have you paid to the different ways other cultures use non-verbal communication? The cultural differences in Body Language are huge! This quiz will test your cultural knowledge by asking you about specific gestures used around the world.

1.How the Bulgarians and Greek say no? Choose one of these two options:

  • Like the girl
  • Like the boy

2. Which of these cultures would you associate with arms waving?

  • Japan
  • Northern Europeans
  • Mediterranean and Latin countries

3. It’s well known that this gesture is used by Rock music fans, but it may also have another meaning. Which one?

  • A sign to tell the others that they are in a hurry
  • A sign that people make to tell others that someone has cheated on them

4. Which of these cultures do you think that would feel more uncomfortable with physical touch as a social gesture?

  • Italians
  • Greeks
  • Mexicans
  • Germans

5. In some cultures, eye contact is expected but in one of these countries it makes people feel embarrassed. Which one?

  • Spain
  • Japan
  • France
  • Turkey

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