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Wheel of Reward Quiz answers

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Welcome folks! In this quiz, you’ll be asked to fill in the missing letters of various words and phrases. The answers and questions vary in topic, from cute animals to films and celebrities! Are you ready to spin the wheel?

1. Welcome to the Wheel of Reward! You might have played something like this before, or maybe you haven’t! Don’t worry, it’s simple enough! (not a question)

2. You will be presented with a board with missing letters. All you have to do is fill in the missing letters by choosing the correct answer! (not a question)

3. Let’s start easy folks! Can you fill in the missing letters? Hint: Popular Girl Band.

  • Spuce Gurls
  • Space Girls
  • Spice Gals
  • Spice Girls

4. Oh, this one can’t be too hard? Which species are we referring to?

  • Brue Whole
  • Blue Whale
  • Brue While
  • Blue While

5. Who’s this pop star?

  • Madolla
  • Madorra
  • Madotta
  • Madonna

6. Can you name this Disney film?

  • The Leon Kang
  • The Loon Kong
  • The Laon King
  • The Lion King

7. What type of dog is this?

  • Dolcatian
  • Dolpatian
  • Delnatian
  • Dalmatian

8. Which country are we talking about?

  • New Zotland
  • New Zanland
  • New Holland
  • New Zealand

9. Do you remember this movie?

  • Derty Dancing
  • Dorty Dancing
  • Dorky Dancing
  • Dirty Dancing

10. Which instrument are we wanting here?

  • Eclectic Guizar
  • Exectric Guipar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Epectric Guilar

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