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Wheel of Reward Quiz answers

11. Where would you find pizza and pasta? At an …?

  • Italian Rustaurant
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Utalian Ristaurant
  • Atalean Riptaurant

12. Which of these options fits the image perfectly?

  • Lummer Breete
  • Tummer Breece
  • Summer Breeze
  • Pummer Breede

13. You might be too young or maybe too old for this one! What are we talking about?

  • Slaging on the Tain
  • Staging in the Pain
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Singing on the Cain

14. Have you seen this landmark before?

  • The Eippel Totter
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Eittel Tower
  • The Eickel Toner

15. Remember these famous lyrics? Oh yeah, I tell you something. I think you’ll understand!

  • I wanna join your band
  • I wanna hold your hand
  • I wanna hold your mand
  • I wanna hold your land

16. Who’s this character?

  • Pater Pin
  • Peler Pan
  • Poter Pon
  • Peter Pan

17. What is this funny phrase?

  • As wool is a cucumber
  • As fool is a cucumber
  • As tool is a cucumber
  • As cool as a cucumber

18. You’re going too fast! Identify this phrase!

  • Halt your Hopses
  • Halt your horses
  • Hold your horses
  • Hold your Losses

19. Who’s this goofy fellow?

  • Adap Sundler
  • Adal Sapller
  • Adas Slopler
  • Adam Sandler

20. Mmm remember this?

  • Loffy Laple
  • Coffee Maple
  • Puffee Epple
  • Toffee Apple

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