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Jeopardy Quiz answers

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Jeopardy is one of America’s greatest game shows in television history. How many of our Jeopardy general knowledge clues can you figure out? Do you have what it takes to walk away a champ? Find out now!

1.The category is ‘Logos’ for 800 points:

This company's logo has a bite taken out of it
  • What is Nike?
  • What is IMB?
  • What is Apple?
  • What is Adidas?

2. ‘Details’ for 800:

The position of the red light on a stoplight
  • Where is the bottom?
  • Where is the middle?
  • Where is the top?

3. The category is ‘Expressions’ for 800 points:

This expression, meaning to ignore someone
  • What is ‘drop of a hat’?
  • What is ‘cold feet’?
  • What is ‘to spill the beans’?
  • What’s a ‘cold shoulder’?

4. The category is ‘Islands’ for 800 points:

This island nation is a living museum for classic cars
  • What is Taiwan?
  • What is Cuba?
  • What is Fiji?
  • What is Japan?

5. ‘The Sunshine State’ for 800 points:

The second largest freshwater lake in the U.S.
  • What is Lake George?
  • What is Lake Kissimmee?
  • What is Lake Seminole?
  • What is Lake Okeechobee?

6. Here we go! The category is ‘Details’ for 1200:

The color of the $5 bill in monopoly
  • What is pink?
  • What is green?
  • What is blue?
  • What is white?

7. ‘Logos’ for 1200:

The real-life inspiration for the NBA's logo
  • Who is Bill Russell?
  • Who is Michael Jordan?
  • Who is Jerry West?
  • Who is Wilt Chamberlain?

8. You’re on a roll! ‘Logos’ for 1600 points: The color of ‘Fed’ in ‘FedEx’.

  • What is red?
  • What is purple?
  • What is blue?
  • What is orange?

9. ‘Expressions’ for 1600 points. Daily Double! How many points do you want to wager?

  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1200

10. Here’s the clue:

This word, correctly completing this expression: 'Bolt from the ...'
  • What is ‘horse’?
  • What is ‘sky’?
  • What is ‘door’?
  • What is ‘blue’?

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