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Before or After Quiz answers (version 2)

11. Was Britney Spears’s album ‘Britney’ released before or after Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’?

  • Before
  • After

12. Was Google founded before or after Huawei?

  • Before
  • After

13. Did the country on the left ban plastic bags before or after the country on the right?

  • Before
  • After
  • Before – because the country on the right still uses plastic bags
  • After – because this country still uses plastic bags

14. Did the city on the left host the Olympics before or after the city on the right?

  • Before
  • After
  • Before – because the city on the right has never hosted the Olympic Games
  • After – because this city has not yet hosted the Olympic Games

15. Was Airbnb founded before or after Uber?

  • Before – and its headquarters are in the same city as Uber
  • Before – and it also runs a publishing house
  • After – but both companies have been around for nine years
  • After – and was started when its founders couldn’t find a room in a hotel in New York City

16. Was the word ‘selfie’ the Oxford Dictionary word of the year before or after the word ‘post-truth’?

  • Before – and it was immediately followed by ‘youthquake’
  • Before – and it was immediately preceded by a neologism
  • After – and the word ‘toxic’ was the word of the year between ‘selfie’ and ‘post-truth’
  • After – and an emoji was the word of the year one year later

17. Did Slumdog Millionaire win best picture at the Academy Awards before or after The King’s Speech?

  • Before – and it was an adaptation of a novel
  • Before – and it also won six Golden Globes
  • After – and it won the most Academy Awards for any film in that year
  • After – and it starred Dev Patel

18. Was the actor on the left born before or after the actor on the right?

  • Before – and his older brother is also a well-known actor
  • Before – and he was born in London
  • After – and he is the youngest person to be featured on the Time 100 list
  • After – and his birthday is in the same month as the actor on the right

19. Did Patrick Modiano win the Nobel Prize in Literature before or after Bob Dylan?

  • Before – and Svetlana Alexievich won the very next year
  • Before – and Alice Munro won the very next year
  • After – and Herta Muller won the year before
  • After – and Mo Yan won the year before

20. Did Eyjafjallajökull last erupt before or after Puyehue-Cordón Caulle?

  • After – and it interrupted air travel
  • After – and since its explosion, the volcano has been considered dormant
  • Before – and postage stamps were made containing real volcanic ash which fell from the explosion
  • Before – and it melted nearly half of the world’s largest glacier

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