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Before or After Quiz answers (version 2)

21. Were AirPods released before or after Apple Pay?

  • Before – and 2nd generation AirPods were released just two years later
  • Before – and in 2019, they were voted the most popular ‘hearable’ brand
  • After – and Kohl’s was the first retailer to use Apple Pay
  • After – because their release was delayed by nearly one year

22. Was The Black Panther released before or after Avengers: Infinity War?

  • Before – and it was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards
  • Before – and it grossed more than Avengers: Infinity War
  • After – and it was the highest grossing film in that year
  • After – and both films premiered in Los Angeles

23. Was Air Italy liquidated before or after Thomas Cook?

  • Before – but Thomas Cook Germany is still in operation
  • Before – and it was the second largest airline in Italy
  • After – and other carriers operated its flights for two weeks immediately afterwards
  • After – and this occurred just one year after it was established

24. Was Guitar Hero released before or after BioShock?

  • Before – and it was released shortly before Thanksgiving
  • Before – and it was made on a budget of two million dollars
  • After – but its sequel was released a year after BioShock
  • After – but it did not receive as many Game of the Year awards as BioShock

25. Was Sweepee Rambo awarded the title of World’s Ugliest Dog before or after Peanut?

  • Before – and Sweepee Rambo won two years later
  • Before – and Sweepee Rambo is much older than Peanut
  • After – and Sweepee Rambo is a Chinese crested chihuahua
  • After – and Sweepee Rambo is allergic to peanuts!

26. Was the building on the left finished before or after the building on the right?

  • Before – and it cost nearly ten times more than the building on the right
  • Before – and it had the same architect as the building on the right
  • After – and it serves the same function as the building on the right
  • After – and it is located in the same country as the building on the right

27. Did South Sudan secede from Sudan before or after Steve Jobs’s death?

  • After – and its largest city is Juba
  • After – and the region of Abyei still remains disputed
  • Before – and it is a member of the United Nations
  • Before – and its first president was Riek Machar

28. Did production for the Volkswagen Beetle end before or after Tesla was founded?

  • After – and it was number 21,529,494
  • After – and Sam Phillips died on the same day
  • Before – but both things occurred in the same month of the same year
  • Before – and the last Beetle was produced in Puebla, New Mexico

29. Was Fifty Shades of Grey published before or after the last installment of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay?

  • Before – and it was also adapted to film before Mockingjay
  • Before – and it sold over more than 125 copies worldwide
  • After – and it was also adapted to film after Mockingjay
  • After – and the father of the author was a BBC cameraman

30. Was Pluto downgraded from planet to ‘dwarf planet’ before or after the Mars Exploration Rover mission began?

  • Before – and its moons were also downgraded
  • Before – and the decision was made by the International Astronomical Union
  • After – and it was downgraded because it did not meet two out of three criteria to be a planet
  • After – and this was decided when 10% of 2,700 scientists invited to a planet definition committee voted on the issue

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