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3 Minute Video Quiz answers

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How good is your general knowledge? With this video quiz you can put it to the test in only three minutes. Ready, steady, go!

1. Watch the video to see the question about history, then click on the correct answer below. The question is: who was the first president of the United States?).

  • A (Thomas Jefferson)
  • B (Abraham Lincoln)
  • C (James Monroe)
  • D (George Washington)

2. Let’s find out about your knowledge of geography. Hit ‘Play’ and answer the question. The question is: what is the capital of Ireland?

  • A (Limerick)
  • B (Belfast)
  • C (Dublin)
  • D (Cork)

3. Are you an avid reader? Then this question should be a piece of cake for you! (The question is: which of these authors is the odd one out?)

  • A – George Orwell
  • B – Lewis Carroll
  • C – Douglas Adams
  • D – James Herriot

4. You’ve already made it halfway through the quiz. Keep watching and see if you can answer this question about physics. The question is: which of these nebulae is the odd one out?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

5. Have a look at this video about biology – can you answer the question? The question is: which of the following animals is the odd one out?

  • A – Cow
  • B – Giraffe
  • C – Pig
  • D – Hippopotamus
  • E – Camel
  • F – Rhinoceros

6. How much do you know about art? Hit ‘Play’ and answer the question. The question is: look at this detail of a painting. Which artist created it?

  • A – Henri Matisse
  • B – Vassily Kandinsky
  • C – Vincent van Gogh
  • D – Edvard Munch
  • E – Gerhard Richter
  • F – Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

7. Final question! This time it’s about chemistry. Do you think you can answer it? The question is: what kind of molecule is depicted here?

  • A – Dopamine
  • B – Enteramine
  • C – Epinephrine
  • D – Diethadione
  • E – Noradrenaline
  • F – Cytosine

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