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Guess the Lyrics! Quiz answers

11. What word is missing?

Don’t ___ up, don’t come out
Don’t start caring about me now

  • Come
  • Show
  • Turn
  • Start

12. What word is missing from the lyrics to this song?

You need to ___ down,
You’re being too loud

  • Sit
  • Shut
  • Calm
  • Cool

13. Choose the correct word!

What do you want from me?
Why don’t you run from me?
What are you ___?
What do you know?

  • Planning
  • Thinking
  • Scheming
  • Wondering

14. Can you choose the correct word to complete these lyrics?

Show me a piece of your heart, a piece of your ___

  • Love
  • Attitude
  • Mind
  • Desire

15. What word is missing here?

Had to have high,
High ___ for a living
Didn’t know how but I
Always had a feeling

  • Hopes
  • Expectations
  • Heels
  • Dreams

16. How about this one? Can you choose the correct word?

Look what you made me do,
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby,
I’m dancing with a ___

  • Fool
  • Nobody
  • Stranger
  • Clown

17. What about this one? Can you complete the lyrics here?

My wrist, stop watchin’,
My ___ is flossin’

  • Neck
  • Hand
  • Teeth
  • Foot

18. What’s the correct word?

You know I’m the one who put
You up there, name in the ___
Does it ever get lonely?

  • Clouds
  • Tree
  • Air
  • Sky

19. Can you figure out which word is missing?

Everywhere I go (hey)
Catch me on the block
Like I’m ___ (wow)

  • The Mailman
  • The Beast
  • Mutombo
  • The Say Hey Kid

20. Can you choose the correct word?

And you’re making me feel
Like maybe I am ___

  • Nobody
  • Someone
  • Something
  • Somebody

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