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The Millennial Acronym Quiz answers

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1. What does this acronym stand for?


  • On my way
  • Outta my way
  • Over my will
  • On my work

2. What does this acronym mean?


  • Forge the win
  • For the win
  • Fast to work
  • Follow the way

3. Can you work out this acronym?


  • Hi back to you
  • Here because of you
  • How about you?
  • How are you?

4. Can you figure out this acronym?


  • You only love once
  • You only live once
  • Your one and lucky one
  • Your one and only

5. What do these letters stand for?


  • Behind the wall
  • Back that way
  • Better work
  • By the way

6. What does this acronym mean?


  • Long messages kept
  • Let me keep
  • Let me know
  • Loaning my keys

7. Can you work out this acronym?


  • In reality
  • I realize
  • Irregardless
  • In real life

8. TIL: Today I ____. Complete the acronym! Type the complete word below!

9. IMHO: In my ______ opinion. Can you complete the acronym? Type your answer below!

10. What’s missing from this acronym? Type your answer in below!


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