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True or False Quiz answers

11. At the Rio Olympics, this athlete won three gold medals.

  • True – and he has been nicknamed ‘Lightning Flash’
  • False – he won four gold medals at the Rio Olympics
  • True – and he is 1.95 m tall (6 ft 5 in)
  • False – he won two gold medals at the Rio Olympics

12. Pictured here is the first image of a black hole.

  • True – and the black hole is in the elliptical galaxy Messier 78
  • False – the image is of a solar eclipse in 2019
  • True – and it was released by the Event Horizon Telescope
  • False – the image is of a solar eclipse in 2017

13. Martin Scorsese directed a film that earned this actor his first Oscar.

  • True – and the Oscar was awarded to this actor at the 88th Academy Awards
  • False – Alejandro González Iñárritu directed a film that earned this actor his first Oscar
  • True – and the actor had been nominated four times before
  • False – Quentin Tarantino directed a film that earned this actor his first Oscar

14. Eight seconds was the maximum amount of time Vine videos could be.

  • True – and the app was the most downloaded free app on the iOS App Store
  • False – videos could be up to 10 seconds long
  • True – and the app was acquired by Twitter for a reported 30 million dollars
  • False – but videos could loop continuously through the app’s successor, Byte

15. The mother of this young woman is an opera singer.

  • True – and the young woman’s grandfather was the voice of a cartoon character
  • False – but the young woman’s mother did sing at the Eurovision Song Contest
  • True – and the young woman’s father helped co-write a book that has since been translated into Chinese
  • False – the young woman’s older sister is an opera singer

16. Shown in the photo is the man to win the most Grand Slam singles.

  • True – and he was also ranked number one in his sport for 300 consecutive weeks
  • False – but he is one of eight men to have achieved a Career Grand Slam
  • True – and he was a ball boy at the Swiss Indoors for two consecutive years
  • False – but his winning percentage is the third-best in the Open Era

17. Nintendo colleagues Satoru Iwata and Tsunekazu Ishihara envisioned this game’s concept as an April Fools’ Day collaboration.

  • True – and the game’s soundtrack was written by Junichi Masuda
  • False – but the game’s initial beta test was carried out exclusively in Japan
  • True – and the game uses a freemium business model
  • False – and just months before the game’s announcement, both of the men passed away
  • True – and the game has had over a billion global downloads
  • False – the game was envisioned as a Christmas collaboration

18. Take a look at the country pictured below. Twelve boys and their assistant coach were rescued in the month of June after spending 18 days in a cave located there.

  • True – and the rescue effort involved more than 10,000 people
  • False – the boys and their coach were rescued after spending 16 days in a cave
  • True – and the boys and their coach only had minor scrapes and cuts
  • False – they were rescued in a neighboring country in the month of August
  • True – and the boys were aged eleven to sixteen
  • False – and a rescue diver passed away months later from a blood infection

19. The person in the picture is the recipient of a Nobel Prize.

  • True – and he was in a motorcycle accident
  • False – but this person has won the Pulitzer Prize
  • True – and he has been indicted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • False – but this person has directed several films using a pseudonym with four syllables
  • True – and he has also published several books of drawings and paintings
  • False – but he has sold more than 100 million records

20. Look closely! See how many words you can find that would make this statement true: _______ is a breed of dog!

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