Quiz Author: VideoFacts

Quick’n’Spooky Halloween Challenge answers

It’s Halloween, and you’re on the run! All the tricksters, monsters, witches, and vampires are after you. There’s not much time for anything else but trying to stay ahead, so this little quiz will fit nicely into one of those short breaks you need to take to catch your breath. Can you answer all five… Continue reading Quick’n’Spooky Halloween Challenge answers

Quiz Author: GimmeMore

The Ultimate Marvel Universe Quiz answers

It’s been years in the planning but nearly every single one of Marvel heroes (and a sprinkle of villains) teamed up in the cinematic universe of Infinity War to defend the world. But how well did you recognize the different characters, the interweaving back-stories, and the actors behind the heroes? Only a true cinematic Marvel fan will… Continue reading The Ultimate Marvel Universe Quiz answers